We are currently making arrangements to run a night shelter during severe weather this winter. The project is being planned with Open House and with other Christian communities in the town. We began this project last year but in the end we were not required to operate to scheme. However, Open House which provides temporary accommodation and other support for the homeless in the town is keen to have the facility available should the weather conditions and the numbers of homeless demand it.


The Friary Hall will operate as an emergency night shelter during periods of severe weather between early December and the early March.

However, the Local Authority has an obligation to provide accommodation for the homeless during periods of prolonged sub-freezing temperatures. So it is possible that, if the weather is really severe, the Friary shelter may not be required because alternative arrangements have been made.

The shelter will be operated under the supervision of staff from Open House, assisted by volunteers from the participating churches. The shelter will be available when Open House cannot provide sufficient accommodation or where the weather conditions are bad but not so bad as to require the Local Authority to meets its obligations. A maximum of ten guests will be accommodated on any given night and registration will be handled by Open House.

Meals will also be offered by Open House, so our function will be simply to provide a warm, dry bed for the night. Volunteers have already provided the beds, sleeping bags and liners, so we have all we need to run the shelter, except…


We are looking for volunteers willing to assist with the shelter, if and when it is required to open.

The hours will be 10.30pm to 8am. It would be possible to volunteer for a part of this period but we would need three volunteers for each night of operation, therefore no volunteer would be working alone.

Although we must ensure active supervision throughout the night, volunteers will have the opportunity to rest. Volunteers would be asked to indicate those dates on which they would be available if required.


If you are willing to assist or if you would like a little more information about what is required before committing yourself, there is a meeting on Wednesday 19th November which will provide full details of what is required and will answer any questions or concerns.

If you cannot make that meeting but are still interested, please contact Deacon Andrew on 07712 191078.

With a relatively small number of volunteers, we can provide a valuable additional facility for those who find themselves sleeping rough this winter. Thank you to those who have already provided support and thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal. Please pray for this project and more especially for those who may have need of it.

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Upcoming Events

AEC v1.0.4

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“The Scripture readings proclaimed to us have as their common theme the centrality of Christ. Christ as the centre of creation, the centre of his people and the centre of history.

1. The apostle Paul, in the second reading, taken from the letter to the Colossians, offers us a profound vision of the centrality of Jesus. … This image enables us to see that Jesus is the centre of creation; and so the attitude demanded of us as true believers is that of recognizing and accepting in our lives the centrality of Jesus Christ, in our thoughts, in our words and in our works. When this centre is lost, when it is replaced by something else, only harm can result for everything around us and for ourselves.

2. Besides being the centre of creation, Christ is the centre of the people of God. We see this in the first reading which describes the time when the tribes of Israel came to look for David and anointed him king of Israel before the Lord (cf. 2 Sam 5:1-3). In searching for an ideal king, the people were seeking God himself: a God who would be close to them, who would accompany them on their journey, who would be a brother to them. Christ, the descendant of King David, is the “brother” around whom God’s people come together. It is he who cares for his people, for all of us, even at the price of his life. In him we are all one; united with him, we share a single journey, a single destiny.

3. Finally, Christ is the centre of the history of the human race and of every man and woman. To him we can bring the joys and the hopes, the sorrows and troubles which are part of our lives. When Jesus is the centre, light shines even amid the darkest times of our lives; he gives us hope, as he does to the good thief in today’s Gospel.

While all the others treat Jesus with disdain – “If you are the Christ, the Messiah King, save yourself by coming down from the cross!” – the thief who went astray in his life but now repents, clinging to the crucified Jesus, begs him: “Remember me, when you come into your kingdom” (Lk 23:42). And Jesus promises him: “Today you will be with me in paradise” (v. 43). Jesus speaks only a word of forgiveness, not of condemnation; whenever anyone finds the courage to ask for this forgiveness, the Lord does not let such a petition go unheard. Jesus’ promise to the good thief gives us great hope: it tells us that God’s grace is always greater than the prayer which sought it. The Lord always grants more than what he has been asked: you ask him to remember you, and he brings you into his Kingdom! Let us ask the Lord to remember us, in the certainty that by his mercy we will be able to share his glory in paradise. “ Pope Francis




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This Week and General Notices

Sunday 23rd November

Our Lord Jesus Christ

King of the Universe


First Ezechiel 34:11-12.15-17

Psalm 22

Second 1 Corinthians15:20-26.28

Gospel Matthew 25:31-46

Psalm Response

The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.

Retiring Collection:

Crawley Catholic Schools

Sunday Evening Prayer: 7pm in St. Clare’s Chapel

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Evening Prayer: Dominican Convent, Gossops Green, 5.30pm

The Coming Week

Monday 24th November

St Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions, Martyrs

Wednesday 26th November

Requiem Mass

Friary 12.15pm Francis Chavez R.I.P followed by internment at Snell Hatch.

Thursday 27th November

Requiem Mass

Friary 12.15pm Louis Permal R.I.P followed by cremation at Surrey & Sussex Crematorium.

Advent Group

Dominican Convent 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Friday 28th November

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Christ the Lord 9.05 am – 10.00am

Requiem Mass

Friary 12.15pm Louis Perrina R.I.P followed by internment at Snell Hatch



General Notices

SVP Dance

Saturday 29th November, with 6 Feet Deep: 60′s music and more. Friary Hall 19:30-23:30.

Tickets £5 on the door or call 07500 484058. Bring your own drinks and nibbles.

Eucharistic Ministers’ Recommissioning

Congratulations to all those who were commissioned/recommissioned at Masses this weekend. Your ministry is so important to the parish and especially to the sick to whom you bring communion. If any ministers were not able to be present for the recommissioning, please contact the parish office and a catch up recommissioning will be organised.

Bereavement Support Drop-In

The next and last occasion for 2014 is on Tuesday 25th November 1.30 – 3.30 pm in the Friary Hall. A warm welcome awaits you over a tea or coffee with others who have experienced bereavement.

Friary Car Park

The car park will be closed until 1.30pm on Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th & Friday 28th November.

Access for funeral and Mass goers ONLY.

We are currently waiting for a start date to erect the barrier. Please read the newsletter and listen to the notices.

Parking currently is for green permit holders only.


On Saturday 29th November CAFOD are holding their annual memorial Mass for the Diocese at the 12.15pm Mass at the Friary – all are welcome.

There will be a small CAFOD display and light refreshments in the Hall after Mass.

Journey into Faith

The next Journey into Faith meetings at St Bernadette’s are: 3rd December (Teaching) and 17th December. Please see Fr. Chris if you are interested in finding out more about our Catholic faith, being Baptised, Confirmed or Received into the Church.

Total Consecration through Mary to Jesus

On 3rd December we will meet at 7.30 in St Clare’s at the Friary to meet and reflect before we make the consecration before the Mass at 7.30 on 8th December.

Jubilee Group

discussing Vatican Council document Lumen Gentium on Fridays at 11am at 5 Stafford Road, Langley Green.

It’s open to anybody interested. For details ring Tad and Maja on 414953.

St. B’s Dinner Ladies Christmas Lunch

and raffle on Thursday 4th December 12.30–2.00pm. Booking essential by 30th November latest. Numbers limited; cost £10. Book early to avoid disappointment. Ring Elsie 513436 or Lois 401080.

100+Club First Draw 2014-2015

The first draw is scheduled to take place on Sunday 14th December, after the 9.30am service, in the Friary Hall.

Requesting previous members and parishioners interested in joining the club to please submit membership forms to the Priests’ House by 8th December

Parish Carol Service

Our Parish Carol service will be held on Sunday 21st December at 3pm. We hope to include carols from around the world, as we did last year. We will be holding a meeting on Tuesday 11th November at 7.30pm in the Friary House so we can plan for this important event in the life of our Parish. So if you would like to sing a carol from your own country and gather a group around you, please come to this meeting or let Fr Gerard know.

Gift Aid

All enquiries please contact Merlin Sabaratnam 07976 707424 or email

Merlin has taken over from Peter Charman and she is usually at the 11.30am Mass at The Friary.

SVP Furniture

If you are changing furniture or appliances soon, we will take what you are replacing, if in good condition. Many families are unable to obtain credit and cannot buy essentials.

Call us 07500 484058

St. Edward’s Parish Hall / Social Club

Our recently re-decorated Club is available for hire to parishioners and friends for family parties and anniversary bookings. Prices are very fair and include use of bar, at Club prices. We are also available for gatherings after funerals and can arrange bar and catering. To hire the Hall, Contact Gerry Lydon Tel. 882300

Gift Aiders – Second Collection

When the Newsletter states that a particular second collection e.g. ‘Gift Aid if using envelopes provided by the charity’ or similar wording, please do NOT submit a purple second collection envelope nor white envelopes numbered 500 plus, as the Diocese cannot reclaim the tax. Thank you for your continued support.

Masses for Young Adults and Teenagers

The Sunday 5.30pm Mass at the Friary Church in Crawley has a special welcome and ministry towards younger Catholics (15-30, or thereabouts).

After Mass, we all go to a cafe together for some food and a chance to get to know each other. There is also a great music group every other Sunday which anyone is welcome to join. New people are always made very welcome. See for more details.

Groceries for those in need

SVP thank you for your continued generosity.

From February 2013 to October 2014 we have supported 63 families with over 1,650 food parcels.

We ask everyone to consider if they are able to give a little every week. All the food is distributed weekly as we find more families needing help. It is very much needed and appreciated.


If you are finding it difficult to feed yourself or your family, please call the Saint Vincent de Paul Society on : 07500 484058. All calls are completely confidential


Si vous ne pouvez pas nourrir vous et votre famille nous pouvons vous aider appel SVP sur 07500 48 40 58 tous les appels absolument confidentiel


Jeśli nie jesteś w stanie wyżywić siebie i twojej rodziny możemy ci pomóc tel kontaktowy 07500 484058. Gwarantujemy całkowitą anonimowości.



We welcome new members. If you are interested or want to know more of the work we do please call 07500 484058.

Are you aware Hospitals/Homes do not contact us now

If you are a Catholic admitted to them. If you know of anyone who has gone into hospital or a home, please advise the Friary (524176) as soon as possible and let us know whether you would like us to visit.

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Next Sunday and Dates for your Diary

Next Sunday 30th November

First Sunday of Advent

Year B


First Isaiah 63: 16-17;64:3-8

Psalm 79

Second 2 Peter 3:8-14

Gospel Mark 1:1-8

Retiring Collection:

Pound Collection (Friary & St Bernadette’s only)

Rosary & Benediction

Friary 3pm

Sunday Evening Prayer:

7pm in St. Clare’s Chapel

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Evening Prayer:

Dominican Convent, Gossops Green, 5.30pm



Dates for your Diary:


Christmas Fayre: 22nd November

Please can we make a superb effort for this involving everybody. We require cakes, gifts for tombola, bottles, jewellery, toys, good books, CDs and DVDs. Boxes in both churches for tombola gifts and bottles. The hall will be available for preparation Friday 21st November 11am–8.30pm. Urgently needed are helpers and cakes. Please contact Min 884934. Please dress your stalls and yourselves in red and green!

SVP Dance, Saturday 29th November,

Friary Hall 19:30 – 23:30. 60′s music and more with 6 Feet Deep. Tickets £5. on the door or call 07500 484058 in advance

Bring your own drinks and nibbles.


St. Edward’s Social Club



Every Thursday Evening (8.15pm)

Every Sunday Lunchtime (1.15pm)



Saturday 22nd November:

Dance with ‘The Radiators’

Tickets £7 available at the bar

Friday 5th December:

Leukaemia Charity Quiz at 7pm.

Tickets £10 to include Fish & Chip supper

Sat 6th Dec:

Supper dance in aid of Motor Neuron Disease from 7.30 to 11.30

Tickets £10 per Adult, £25 Family of 4 – available from Georgette 07505664315

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Please pray for

Please pray for the sick:

Baby Aoife, Kerry Aldrich (Topping), Cecilia Bertoni, Michael Biggane, Seby Braganza, Ron Durant, Michael Doherty, Louie Dorey, Pat Eldridge, Phil Fleming, Charley Gaskin, John Lydon, Teresa Mackey, Trevor Martin, Warren Millington, Peter Molloy, Peggy Pickett, Annette Popiel, Angelina Portanier, Neil Putland, Michael Ryan, Frank & Josie Rouson, Pam Simpson, Dougie Smith, Bernard Winter.

Those who have died:

Francis Chavez, Louis Permal & Louis Perrina

Are you aware Hospitals do not contact us now if you are a Catholic in Hospital.

If you know of anyone who has gone to hospital, please advise the Friary (01293 524176) as soon as possible and let us know whether you would like us to visit.

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